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What does my child need to bring to camp?

Clothes for basketball: good basketball shoes, athletic socks, basketball shorts, and t-shirts/jerseys. Many campers bring a cell phone and a drawstring backpack for small personal items. Overnight campers will also need to bed linens, toiletries, and a towel. Besides these basic items, we discourage campers from bringing much to camp – especially expensive items such as personal electronics (tablets, computers, headphones, speakers, etc.) or cash. There is very little time to do anything other than play basketball!

Can I stay and watch camp?

Yes, friends & family are welcome to stay and watch camp at any time.

Where does camp take place?

All camp activities are either on the main floor of Coleman Coliseum, the Men’s Basketball Practice Facility (southeast corner of Coleman), or at the UA Student Recreation Center (“The Rec” – 2 miles from Coleman Coliseum). Meals are served in the south concourse on Coleman Coliseum.

What is the Camp Store?

The Camp Store, located in the concession stand just off the main front lobby of the Coliseum, will be open during all hours of camp. We sell drinks, snacks, candy, and t-shirts there. It is also where parents or campers can come at any time for assistance.

What is Camp Bank?

Camp Bank is a way to give your camper spending money for the week without having him carry any cash. We keep their money at the Camp Store, credit any purchases against their balance, and provide you with a full payout of your remaining balance at the end of camp.

Will Coach Johnson be available for picture and autographs at the end of camp?

No, due to time constraints, Coach Johnson will not be available at the end of camp. However, all campers will have the opportunity to get an autograph from and picture with Coach during the week.

What about my child’s medication?

We will have athletic trainers on sight who will be able to hold on to your child’s medication and/or make sure they take it at the appropriate times. Let us know about any medical concerns at sign-in on Sunday.

What if my child has food allergies?

Please let us know ASAP so that we can make special arrangements for him.

Will there be supervision in the dorms?

Yes, 15-20 camp coaches will be staying in the dorms, and another 8-10 will be on duty each night until well after lights out.

What if my child needs to leave camp early?

Please notify us ahead of time of when he will be picked up. You can check him in and out at the Camp Store. Call Rachel (205-612-7581) or Colton (205-441-8178) as your point of contact.

Who are my emergency contacts?

Colton Houston, Camp Director (205-441-8178); Rachel Releford, Camp Administrator (205-612-7581); Alex Accetta, Assistant Camp Director; Blake Gray, Assistant Camp Director (256-655-5940); and Alex Fain, Assistant Camp Director (334-201-9640)

What is the difference between Individual Overnight Camp and Individual Day Camp?

While the objectives and content of the two camps are very similar, Overnight Campers stay at the gym until 9pm Sunday-Wednesday and spend 3 nights in UA dorms, while Day Campers are dismissed before dinner each day. Overnight campers are provided all meals while at camp, while days campers only receive lunch. The age range for the two camps are different: Ages 7-14 for Day Camp, Ages 10-18 for Overnight Camp.

Can an Overnight Camper opt not to stay in the dorms?

Overnight campers may opt to stay elsewhere – at home, with a relative, at a hotel – pending approval by the camp. Campers who do this will receive no discount and will have to be signed out by a parent or guardian at the end of each camp day.